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President's Corner . . . Fellow Boosters - the dog days of August are upon us. Not sure how you feel but it seems like with every passing year, the seasons fly by quicker. Next month, we will be in the stretch run to October.

          Wow! As I write this article, I sit in Arizona awaiting the start of the second half. Although we have played well against the hated ones to the north, they sure are on a roll and, honestly, are going to be tough to catch, especially with Kershaw on the mend. But stranger things have happened. Here’s hoping for a terrific second half and as always...see you at the ballpark.


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Are held on the second Monday of each month, unless otherwise noted, at Town Center Hall or St. Paul's High School in Santa Fe Springs  

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All meetings are very informational and fun!

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Town Center Hall, Santa Fe Springs

(photo shows recent raffle prize table)


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The L.A. Dodgers Booster Club is a support organization dedicated to bringing the sport of Baseball to the attention of sports lovers the world over, stimulating interest in the Los Angeles Dodgers, providing information that is relative to the sport of Baseball, raising funds to help support financially strapped local Little League Teams, and making our youth more aware of this inspirational pastime.



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